Planning in action: Interactivity improves planning performance.

Emma Henderson, PhD student will be presenting her poster at CogSci 207, London, on Friday, July 28th 2017 @ 1:30pm


Wednesday 26th July – Saturday 29th July, 2017.


Hilton London Metropole, 225 Edgware Rd






Planning is an essential cognitive process that is key to achieving productive time management. People often recruit external resources in the planning process, configuring a transient extended cognitive system (TECS) to support their goals. Yet planning activity is frequently studied in the absence of interactivity in laboratory conditions.

Ego-depletion refers to the idea that exerting self-control will temporarily reduce the capacity for subsequent self-control, therefore impairing executive function (Baumeister et al., 1998).

In this experiment, performance in a planning task (adapted from Miotto & Morris, 1998) was examined when participants could exploit a TECS in a high-interactivity condition, and when they could not. In addition, half the participants undertook an ego-depletion task beforehand, and half did not.

We predicted that performance would be better in the high-interactivity condition, as well as an interaction such that ego-depletion would have a greater impact on performance in the low-interactivity condition.

For further information about this event please visit Cog Sci website.

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