DART Presentation at LDJM, ‘Transactional cognition:…’

DART member Gaelle will be presenting at LDJM Seminars, UCL Wednesday, October 11th 2017 from 5pm


Wednesday 11th Oct


LDJM, Univerisity College London


Dr Gaëlle Vallée-Tourangeau will be presenting at 11:00am

Transactional cognition: The constitutive yet invisible role of things in human cognitive performance.


Higher cognition involved in reasoning, problem-solving, and decision-making is admittedly conceived as a process of acquiring information and understanding through mental representation and mental computation. Some have conceded cognition does not take place in a vacuum: it can also be shaped by our bodily sensations and by our immediate environment. This prompted modified conceptions of cognition tagged “embodied” or “situated”. Radicals have philosophised that cognition is a-representational and a-computational: it would only emerge from action-environment dynamics. While these ideas have been around for well over two decades, they have had minimal impact on mainstream cognitive psychology. In this talk, I will present data on Bayesian reasoning which challenges both the traditional, modified and the radical conception of cognition and discuss a fourth avenue: cognition as emerging through time and space from a transactional process meshing mental and physical representations, computations, as well as actions on things.


For further information about this event please visit website.

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