Evy Sakellariou – Video for Market-Oriented Ethnographies in NPD #DARTseminar

Video for Market-Oriented Ethnographies in NPD

On Thursday 9th May 2019 11:30 – 12:30 in KHBS 2038, Dr Evy Sakellariou will be presenting a recent paper on the development of an advanced market-oriented ethnographic method, more specifically the use of video-based ethnographic narratives. If you wish to attend please register your attendance below, places are limited.

>>> Please register your attendance here <<<



We develop “video-based ethnographic narratives” as an advanced market-oriented ethnographic mode for capturing user insight and user innovation. As a method “video-based ethnographic narratives” stimulate emic and epic research perspectives that complement each other. The use of video-recording and contextual observation (emic) reveals novel, detailed and actionable user insights. The adoption of systematic data analysis and sharing of interpretations (etic) results in establishing more general patterns and relationships between antecedents and outcomes. We provide guidelines that acknowledge the inherent flexibility of ethnography and provide rigor in the conduct of video-based ethnographic research. As an illustrative example, we discuss a video-based ethnographic narrative of ordinary user innovation as it is manifested in social practice. This study is first-of-type and contributes to market research and user innovation streams of literature; it integrates narrative theory with practice-based theory to uncover the antecedents of ordinary user innovation namely user “logos” (in user experience), “ethos” (emotions for the task), “pathos” (overarching values) and, “topos” (work-space). The findings are integrated into a new conceptual framework for further testing.

We hope to see you there!

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