About DART

We study how people make judgments and decisions, and how they interact with their environment to create innovative and adaptive solutions to the obstacles or dilemmas they encounter. We also seek to understand how and when interactivity may promote better judgment, decision-making, and problem-solving performance.

Topic include (but are not limited to): vaccination decision-making, career decision-making, responsibility judgments, probability judgments and statistical reasoning, choice framing effects, the ethics of nudging, risk communication, insight problem solving, numeracy or the ability to think with numbers, the role of intuition in thinking and decision-making, motivation in the workplace and behavioural change, job performance, daily time management, procrastination, personal productivity.

Our behavioural research methods are mixed and multi-disciplinary, ranging from online experimental vignette studies, reaction-time and eye-tracking lab studies, to large scale surveys, video-based observations, focus groups and interviews.

We are always looking for new participants to recruit to take part in our research both for in-person studies in the Kingston Behavioural Research Lab in Kingston Business School and for online studies accessible online on a home computer.

We also offer research consultancy services for applying behavioral sciences across multiple contexts and provide innovative solutions for addressing behavioural challenges faced by managers and policymakers.

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