Dr Jelena Petrovic, Associate Professor

I am an Associate Professor of Strategic Leadership. I am interested in the “human side” of strategic leaders (people who have overall responsibility for an organisation) – their characteristics, what they do, why and how – and how it affects organisational performance. My areas of research expertise include board directors and top management teams, corporate governance of international joint ventures, and expatriate (international human resources) management.

Dr Anine Riege, Postdoctoral Researcher

I am a postdoctoral researcher in judgment and decision-making psychology. I am interested in responsibility, comparative judgments, probability judgments, emotions (schadenfreude), framing, and desirability bias. In one of my current projects we are investigating how different ways of communicating unknown (epistemic) risk affects attribution of responsibility and blame. I am also interested in Additivity neglect (probability estimates for a set of outcomes that exceed 1 or 100%), and how this bias is affected by contextual differences, such as answering format.

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Ms Jenny Faure, PhD Student

My research aims to explore the circumstances in which faster intuitive thinking is more logical than slower deliberative thinking when making conjunction probability judgements. It supports the notion that people are sensitive to the conflict between logical and heuristic principles underlying the conjunction rule, and suggests that our intuition does not always mislead us; it can sometimes be aligned with rules of logic.