DART Seminars

Invited guests, staff, and students present current research in decision making and judgment in our seminar series. The emphasis of our seminar series is on the individual, social and physical influences on decisions, risk judgements, thinking and creative problem-solving.

Autumn 2017 Schedule

Day and times: Wednesdays, 11:00 – 12:00

Date Time Room Speaker Topic
24‑Oct‑2017 11:00 BS1006 Dr Karen Hauge, University of Oslo The Good, the Bad, and the Conditional: Sorting and Dynamics in a Public Good Game with Endogenous Group Formation
15‑Nov‑2017 11:00 BS00026 Prof Jacob Lund Orquin, Aarhus University Implicit Statistical Learning in Real-World Environments Leads to Ecologically Rational Decision Making
06‑Dec‑2017 11:00 BS1006 Dr Rachel Carey, University College London The Behaviour Change Wheel: a framework for intervention design with ‘real-world’ applications.
10‑Jan‑2018 11:00 BS1006 Valeria Burdea, University of Nottingham Cheap talk and evidence: an experiment
07‑Mar‑2018 14:30 BS3034 Prof. Nigel Harvey, University College London Ethical decision making under uncertainty
25‑Apr‑2018 11:00 BS3035 Prof. Dame Theresa Marteau, University of Cambridge Public Acceptability of Behaviour Change Interventions
2‑May‑2018 11:00 BS1006 TBC TBC