Kingston Behavioural Science Lab

Kingston Business School is the home of the Behavioural Science Research Laboratory. In DART, we make use of  this purpose built facility to conduct experimental and observational studies which shed light on how people and environments can shape people’s decisions and choices, their perception and communication of risks and their ability to solve problems and find innovative solutions.

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The behavioural research lab features:

  • A reception with a PC, phone, projector and ceiling speakers.
  • A computer lab fitted with 29 networked workstations, separated by individual cubicles.
  • A control room area with one controller PC station for the observation room and one controller PC station for the eye-tracking pod.
  • An eye-tracking “pod” fitted with a RED250 Mobile remote eye-tracking station and the SMI Experiment Suite Scientific software featuring tailored tools for eye-tracking research from experimental design through to data analysis.
  • An observation room fitted with three HD Cameras equipped with microphones and a control station equipped with the Noldus media recorder software to video- and/or audio-record participants in the observation room and the Observer XT software for gathering and analysing observational data.

The Lab provides access to the following software:

If you are interested in making use of this facility for your research, please contact the Lab Manager: Mr Samuel Keightley,

If you are interested in learning more about behavioural decision science research, register your details to be invited to take part in current DART studies via: